How to Decorate a German-American Apartment

Germany and the U.S. played each other on Thursday, June 26. Although Germany won 1-0, both the U.S. and Germany get to go on to the next round! Since I am living with a German, I wanted to go all out when decorating the apartment for the game. I split up the living room into two sides. The German boyfriend and I actually did not own any flags (besides the Chicago flag), so we ordered both of the flags you see earlier that week on Amazon. I started off by hanging the German flag in the corner above the TV. Continue Reading

Tomato Update: Week 11

I have not posted an update on the tomato plants since week 5. So, I figured I should give a new update on how they are doing. It has now been 11 weeks since the seeds were planted, and they have really developed into beautiful and healthy tomato plants. In total, 8 plants have made it to this stage, most of which have been given away to friends. We have kept 3 for ourselves, however. We planted two of the plants in our balcony’s flower boxes. I did read online that this is a bad idea, but oh well. You Continue Reading

Easter in Germany

The German boyfriend and I spent a very lovely Easter Sunday together this year. It started off with a huge breakfast followed by an Easter basket hunt. Here are the contents of both of our baskets: We also hid treats around the living room, and Daisy had a hunt of her own. The weather was so nice, that we decided to go out for a bike ride in the afternoon. We didn’t have a destination in mind, but we ended up coming across the old abandoned fields of the Lüneburger Sport-Klub. We brought a blanket, had a picnic, and enjoyed Continue Reading

Tomato Update: Week 5

So, I have not done a tomato update since exactly one week after we planted the seeds. It has now been five weeks since they were planted, and they have grown quite a bit! After about 3 weeks, we transplanted them to their own pots. Here is what they look like now: Hopefully we can move them outside soon!

Rollerblading in Germany

Lidl had rollerblades on sale last week. Since the weather has been so nice here lately (the temperature got up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit a week ago!), we decided we should pick some up. We each had two colors to choose from. These were the men’s options: These were the women’s options: Can you guess which ones we picked?  We have already taken them out on a few trips around the neighborhood. And I have to say, for rollerblades bought from a grocery store, they are pretty nice!  Here you can see the colors we each picked. The worst thing about Continue Reading

A Weekend with Daisy

At Marco’s old apartment, he had a cat with one of his roommates named Daisy. Unfortunately, when we moved into a new apartment together, Marco had to say his goodbyes. Last weekend, however, we had the pleasure of having her stay with us for four days. Here are some pictures from this time: And my personal favorite (she stuck her head under my arm and fell asleep like this):

Growing Tomatoes: Day 7

As you know, Marco and I are hoping to grow our own tomato plants for our balcony this summer. So last week we planted some tomato seeds in egg cartons. I was so worried for the first six days when nothing was happening. But, I kept watering them each day, hoping something would pop up… Then, on day seven, a bunch of sprouts appeared! So here are some pictures exactly seven days after we planted the seeds. On the right, you see the little cherry tomato sprouts. I would also like to add that this is the half of the egg carton Continue Reading

Preparing for Spring

Since Spring is just around the corner, I decided to start preparing. We have quite a few plants that needed re-potting, and we want to start growing tomato plants for the summer. So, we got some dirt and seeds from the store. Then, I spent a day sitting on the balcony and getting it all done. Well, it was a little cold outside, so I didn’t exactly sit on the balcony… Here is a little gallery of all our plants and their new pots. Please excuse the fact that I don’t know the name of any of them… Small rose Continue Reading

Super Fast Shipping from the U.S. to Germany

I am pretty experienced in shipping packages between the U.S. and Germany. All I have learned, however, is that it is impossible to estimate when to expect your package in either direction. Ask at the post office, and they will tell you that shipping to Germany takes about 2 weeks. The last few packages my family sent me from the U.S., however, have been especially slow. Here are the last two packages I got: Sent from Chicago: 10/17/13Received in Lüneburg: 11/8/13Total: 23 days Sent from New Orleans: 12/9/13Received in Lüneburg: 12/31/13Total: 22 days Damn, that’s over 3 weeks both times! Continue Reading

The Mystery of the Broken Heckscheibe

On December 10, 2013 at 2:15 p.m., Marco walked downstairs to return to work after his lunch break. I walked to the staircase window so I could wave as he left the building. But something was wrong. As Marco crossed the sidewalk in front of our apartment building, he looked at his car that he had parked there three days before. This is what he saw: He looked up to me in the window. We made eye contact. I ran into the apartment, grabbing my camera, a broom, and a dustpan. As I took pictures of broken rear window (Heckscheibe), Continue Reading