Our Italian Vacation

After moving from the U.S. to Germany, I didn’t think I would experience a culture shock when visiting Italy for 9 days. Boy, was I wrong. I have never experienced as much of a culture shock in my life. The people, the streets, everything. We arrived on a Sunday evening, and as we were walking around at midnight, I just kept asking Marco, “Why are all these babies and kids still outside?!” The vacation was lovely, though, and we had an amazing time. Here are some picture from our Italian vacation. Enjoy! Our apartment was just a few blocks from Continue Reading

HGTV House Hunters International Globe Traveler: July Submission

On the last day of July, Marco and I went into Lüneburg to take a picture for the HGTV House Hunters International Globe Traveler competition. I explained what the globe traveler competition is before in an earlier blog post — but basically, all you have to do is take a picture somewhere abroad with the House Hunters International bandana. Here is the picture that Marco took of me. I am standing on a bridge overlooking the Ilmenau River in an area of Lüneburg known as “am Stintmarkt (stint market).” During the Middle Ages, stint (also known as smelt, which is Continue Reading

Flying on the DreamLiner 787

On July 24, 2013, I was on the first flight to leave O’Hare International Airport in a DreamLiner 787. I flew with LOT Polish Airlines, and I was very impressed. Let’s start with the windows. Every other plane I have flown on, there was a plastic window shade that you manually pull down or push up. This plane had windows that would automatically tint to blue with the push of a button. Here is a side-by-side comparison showing the window when completely clear (left) and fully tinted (right). In all of my past transatlantic plane rides, I have always had Continue Reading

Moving Abroad: Packing Part 1

Since I am moving abroad in about 3 weeks, I have officially begun packing. I will be flying with the Polish airline LOT. Not the classiest, but price trumps comfort right now. My suitcase currently has one layer of stuff in it. These are all the essentials: medical supplies (insulin pump supplies, glucose monitor test strips, syringes, etc.), a few toiletries, my retainer that I never wear, a German soccer jersey, a Chicago Cubs hat, and a package of Slim Jims (no, those aren’t legal to take overseas, but the boyfriend loves them, so I’ll take my chances).  Maybe the Continue Reading

Tips for Traveling with Diabetes

My Animas Ping insulin pump and site 6 weeks until I leave for Germany! This means that I am very busy planning. Most girls would probably be taking this time to figure out how to pack enough clothes for all four seasons in one 50 pound suitcase, but as a type 1 diabetic, I am busy sorting all of my medication. Traveling with diabetes, especially internationally, can be scary. As a type 1 diabetic that has spent a lot of time out of the country, I should know. If you are about to study abroad with diabetes, go on a vacation Continue Reading

HGTV Globe Traveler

Ever since my parents bought a house to completely renovate, I have become addicted to HGTV (Home and Garden Television — a TV station dedicated to home improvement shows). I regularly fantasize about being on House Hunters International someday, with cameramen following me around as I look at apartments in Germany.  So one day, as I was watching HGTV, I saw a commercial for this House Hunters International Globe Traveler competition. Of course I instantly went online and signed up to get my bandana.  Throughout 2013, HGTV will be choosing monthly winners — people who took a picture with their Continue Reading

American to German Plug Adapter

It was only 2 weeks before leaving the US for several months that I realized a plug adapter would be a neccessity to live in Germany. Here are my favorite products that I have been using ever since.   When traveling to Germany from the US, you need an outlet adapter. This picture shows the difference between the American plug and outlet (top) and the German plug and outlet (bottom). If you are bringing a lot of personal electronics (hair straightener, computer/phone/iPod chargers, etc) I find it much easier to just buy one outlet plug adapter for the German power Continue Reading

Flying with Diabetes

I have had type 1 diabetes for over 3 years. In those 3 years, I have been through the security in 8 different airports (3 in the US, 5 in Europe). I feel that I can confidently say that I am a professional at getting through airport security with diabetes medication and an insulin pump. Traveling with diabetes, you are told that you should bring along a note from your doctor stating that it is necessary for you to have your medication in your carry-on. I did bring a note from my doctor the first time I left the country Continue Reading