How to Make the Perfect Soft-Boiled Egg: Egg-Perfect Review

Germany’s favorite way to eat an egg in the morning is as a Frühstucksei, or soft boiled egg. The problem is, the German boyfriend and I are horrible at keeping track of time and getting it to the perfect hardness. Luckily we found the Egg-Perfect. Here is how it works: The Egg-Perfect is made of some kind of plastic/silicone material, and it is flat on the back. You put it directly in the water with the eggs. Then bring it to a boil, and let it cook away. The Egg-Perfect slowly changes color to a darker red color at the Continue Reading

Low Carb Pizza Recipe

Since my German boyfriend and I both have type 1 diabetes, it is nearly impossible to enjoy pizza anymore. That is, until we discovered this low carb pizza recipe. Made from cheese and eggs, I think it’s as close as you can get to the real thing in taste with only about 6 g of carbohydrates in the entire 9×13 inch crust! So if you are trying to cut carbs out of your diet, here is our delicious recipe for low carb pizza: Low Carb Pizza Crust Ingredients:2 eggs1 cup Parmesan cheese8 oz. (225 g) cream cheese I live in Continue Reading

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Germany

This is my second year in Germany during Thanksgiving, and although nobody else here is celebrating it, I won’t let that stop me. I already wrote a short guide on Expat Focus about how to celebrate Thanksgiving abroad, which included a little bit about what I would be doing this year. Basically, I just tried my hardest to make a few of the Thanksgiving staples. These were most of the ingredients for my German Thanksgiving meal. I started cooking around 3 p.m., and we ate around 6:30 p.m. Here are each of the dishes I made: Green Bean Casserole For Continue Reading

How to Make Wurstsalat #2

Marco and I decided to try making Wurstsalat again. This time, however, we had to do it without the pre-sliced Lyoner that we picked up last time in Southern Germany. Instead, we got Fleischwurst. I did some research to figure out the difference between Fleischwurst and Lyoner, and here is what I found: Fleischwurst, known as German Bologna outside of Germany, differs from traditional bologna due to various seasonings, most typically from garlic being added to the recipe. Other varieties, such as the French variation “Saucisse de Lyon,” which is known as Lyoner in Germany and Switzerland, usually do not Continue Reading

Moldy Salami

There is nothing that makes me happier to be living in Germany than the moldy salami (sorry, Marco). This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but when I was back in the U.S., people would often ask me, “Courtney, what do you miss most about Germany?” After contemplating this question for a few days, I came to always respond, “The moldy salami.” While I am sure this kind of meat does exist in some kind of specialty meat shop somewhere in the U.S., it certainly isn’t readily available at the local grocery store. During the few trips to the Continue Reading

My Addiction: Nutella and Peanut Butter

It’s been rainy in Lüneburg lately, and as I have sat inside working on my computer, I have developed a new addition: peanut butter and Nutella. Well, as you can see from the picture I don’t actually have Nutella, but rather the store brand “schoko-creme”. This is basically Nutella and a milk creme swirled together (really delicious). Also, you can see that Germany doesn’t really do peanut butter. It is typically marketed as “American food”, which you can see by the American flag on the jar and the fact that it is in English. So basically, I just dip my Continue Reading

My First Time Making Wurstsalat

One of Marco’s favorite meals and a common dish in Southern Germany is Wurstsalat. This translates to sausage salad. Sounds great, right? Well, if you aren’t a meat-lover, you will probably not find this recipe or these pictures very appetizing. I have grown to love this dish, though. So while we were visiting Marco’s family, we picked up some pre-sliced meat to make Wurstsalat when we got back home. Wurstsalat is usually made with a type of bologna known as Lyoner. We purchased turkey Lyoner. I then began thinly slicing a block of Emmentaler (Swiss cheese). When Wurstsalat is made Continue Reading

Leberkäse: Bologna Loaf

This is Leberkäse. The best way to describe this in English is as bologna loaf. Yes, I know that sounds disgusting, but it’s not so bad. It is a typical food in Southern Germany, where Marco is from, but unfortunately it isn’t so common up here. So it is always a special treat for the German boyfriend when he manages to find it in the grocery store. Most people eat it as street food on a roll, but we usually just cut 1-inch slices. I love dipping it in sweet mustard (süßer Senf). Since we just got back from a trip Continue Reading

Eating Horse Meat in Germany

Since the debacle in the UK and Europe over horse meat being labeled as beef, many discussions have been raised with my American friends about the morality of eating horse meat. The bag from the horse butcher where we got our steaks When I was studying in Germany in 2011, I lived near a horse butcher (Rossschlachterei Otto Thiele in Lüneburg). Me and a few of my American friends were curious, so we decided to go and get some meat for dinner. We bought pre-seasoned steaks. Look at these lovely pictures of us cooking them (please ignore the disgustingly dirty Continue Reading