Tex-Mex Pizza with Hot Dog-Stuffed Crust | “American” Food Taste Test

Once every couple months, each of the German discount grocery stores (Lidl, Aldi, Penny, etc.) has an “American week” where they sell American-branded food products. These specialty weeks are a great opportunity for us American expats to pick up typical American goodies like salted popcorn and peanut butter. However, they also carry some food abominations that even the US hasn’t even had the audacity to create. Penny’s most recent “American week” included this masterpiece, and I just had to try it  out: Tex-Mex Pizza with Hot Dog-Stuffed Crust This mix of American/Mexican/Italian/German cuisine was so baffling, I posted a picture Continue Reading

My Annual Trip to the German Bakery

As much as I have integrated into German culture, there is one custom I do not regularly taken part in: buying bread from the bakery. Bakeries are a big part of traditional German culture, and I remember being shocked with how many bakeries there are (and how popular they are) when I first came to Germany in 2011. Unfortunately, I am not a big bread-eater, and heaven knows that I do not need more sweets and pastries in my life. So, I avoid bakeries. In fact, I have probably only bought something from a bakery about 10 times during my Continue Reading

How to Make Homemade Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

If you didn’t already know, I love Reese’s peanut butter cups. Actually, I love all things peanut butter and chocolate, which is a shame since I live in Germany, where this type of candy really doesn’t exist.  After getting several shipments of Reese’s and other peanut butter and chocolate candy from my family in the U.S., I finally decided to try making my own, and it actually turned out great! Yes, those are the peanut butter cups that I made! Look at that magazine-worthy photography! To make this recipe you will need: 200 g chocolate 1/2 cup peanut butter 1/4 Continue Reading

Candy Bar Confusion

Do you know what’s in a Milky Way? What about a Mars? Well, depending on where you are from, you may be confused when buying these candy bars in a different country. Let’s start off with a little test. What kind of candy bar is this? What kind of candy bar is this? Answers: 1. If you answered Milky Way, then you are buying your candy bars in Germany/Europe.     If you answered 3 Musketeers, then you are buying them in the U.S. 2. If you answered Milky Way, then you are buying your candy bars in the U.S. Continue Reading

How to Recreate “Kraft Macaroni & Cheese” in Germany

If you grew up in America, then chances are that you grew up loving Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Even after living in Germany for nearly 2 years now, I still miss the contents of that little blue box. So, I have been slaving away in my test kitchen over these past few years trying to figure out a way to recreate the secret Kraft recipe here in Germany. Before someone says it in the comments, let me first address two things: 1. Yes, you can find off-brand macaroni and cheese in Germany.  My answer to that? Very few grocery stores Continue Reading

Why German Eggs Would Be Illegal to Sell in the U.S.

If you are grocery shopping in the U.S., here is something you would never see when opening up a dozen of store-bought eggs: I distinctly remember my first time grocery shopping in Germany. I spent quite a while looking for the eggs in the refrigerated section before a friend pointed out that they found them near the bread. As if that was not strange enough for my American brain to process (I mean, who doesn’t refrigerate their eggs?!), I opened the case to check for broken ones and found that they were all covered in feathers, dirt, and god-only-knows-what-else. Over Continue Reading

The American Foods I Miss Most

My March article for Expat Focus was about the American foods that I miss most. To accompany the article, I wanted to make a blog post with some delicious pictures. I also put the six foods that I mentioned in order according to what I miss most. 6. Girl Scout Cookies (particularly Samoas) Girl Scout Cookies by Hinnosaar 5. Root Beer A&W Root Beer by Banzai Hiroaki 4. Cheese Popcorn Billy’s Lounge Popcorn by stevendepolo 3. Red Licorice Red Vines by Incase 2. Reese’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups by KEF08 1. Mac and Cheese Kraft Mac & Cheese Three Cheese by Myself ­čÖé For more words on this subject, make sure Continue Reading

Bacon AND Cheese Hot Dogs

The local grocery store had bacon and cheese filled hot dogs last week. As soon as I saw the advertisement in the newspaper, I knew I had to get them. The package contained six huge sausages. So, for dinner that night, Marco ate three, and I ate two. We grilled them on the panini grill, which is how Marco likes to cook everything nowadays. You can see they didn’t exactly fit on our plates. Now, I have to preface my review by saying that cheese-filled anything is my favorite kind of food. So, I had high hopes for these guys. Continue Reading

German Peanut Butter Review

Germans aren’t big on peanut butter. In fact, when I made Marco try it for the first time almost three years ago, he told me it was disgusting. Luckily, he’s been around it so much since then that he has grown to like it. I, on the other hand, love peanut butter. I probably go through about two jars per month. Sometimes I think that I am responsible for at least half of L├╝neburg’s peanut butter sales. So, I decided I will start keeping a little log of all the brands I try in Germany. We will start with the three Continue Reading

Lidl’s “American” Food

Last week, one of the popular grocery stores in Germany, Lidl, was advertising a special “American Week.” They had a bunch of special “American” food products from the brand McEnnedy. Here you can see me in front of the big red, white, and blue display. I am putting American in parentheses because most of these things aren’t really American food, but rather Germany’s interpretation of American food. For example, you can see me holding the “Hamburger Sauce” and “Sandwich Sauce” above. What the heck is that? This next one actually is quite American, however. It is called an “American Snack Continue Reading