Germerica /jer-mare-ick-uh/

DEFINITION: 1. Couple name (see: Brangelina) for Germany and America

My name is Courtney, and I am an American that fell in love with Germany, its culture, and its language in 2011 while studying abroad in Lüneburg. So, after graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in 2012 and saving up some money, I moved back!

I made the trip to Germany on a one-way ticket in July 2013 and have been trying to figure out how to make it home ever since. This is where Germerica comes in.

Although I am very happy to be living in Germany, the U.S. is still a big part of me. So, if someone asked me in which country I would most like to live, my answer would be Germerica — a place where all of the best things from Germany (beer, healthcare, and vacation time) and America (customer service, open spaces, and Kraft macaroni and cheese) come together.

On this blog, you can read all about my experiences as an American expat in Germany. Some of my favorite topics to write about include my many language fails that I write about on Mistranslation Monday, my experience in moving to Germany and studying in Germany, the different German visas I have applied for, traveling around Europe, living in Lüneburg, and dating a German.

If you have any questions, please visit my contact page. Happy reading!

tl;dr An American expat that is doing her best to make Germany her home.

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