Four years ago today, I flew to Germany on a one-way ticket and haven’t left (for more than two weeks) ever since. And this past year of my expat life has been the biggest one yet!

Four years living in Germany

When I first came to Germany in July 2013, my main motivation was to pursue my Master’s degree. Well (spoiler alert!), I accomplished that at the end of 2016, which meant that I had to decide whether I would go back to my home country or stay in my adoptive one. If you know anything about me, then you know this decision wasn’t very difficult. I chose to stay in Germany, and search for a full-time job.

To find out more about everything I’ve accomplished during my fourth year in Germany, read on!

JULY 2016

  • After submitting the registration, we were also able to officially set our wedding date and location: December 30, 2016 in the Lüneburg Water Tower.
  • Otherwise, I was deep in the process of writing my Master’s thesis during this month, and I didn’t have much time or brain capacity for much else.


  • After devoting a few months to my Master’s thesis, the end of my degree was in sight, and I began to panic. As usual, the Germans have a word for that: Torschlusspanik.
  • I also ran into some new permit problems and had to spend way too much time at the Ausländerbehörde


  • I voted! At 26 years old, this was actually my first time ever voting. Although shameful, I hope that I can inspire a few of my fellow expats to also register and vote from abroad.


  • I picked up my Master’s thesis from the printer (do you like how they spelled my name?) and turned it in to the university!


  • I finally got to know my neighbor of 3 years, Mrs. Nobody.
  • I celebrated my FIFTH Thanksgiving in Germany with the lovely Jordan Wagner




  • I started searching for a full-time job in Germany.
  • My husband and I got the keys to our new apartment!
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MARCH 2017

  • As the winter semester came to an end, so did my time as a student. This also meant that I could no longer hold my student job, and finding a full-time job became more critical than ever…
  • In the meantime, I took a short trip to visit grandma in sunny Florida!

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APRIL 2017

  • 24 applications, 8 interviews, and 2 job offers later – I began working a big-girl full-time job! Read more about my job search in Germany.

MAY 2017

  • I was working a lot and not doing much else. Well, nothing besides eating a disgusting pizza

JUNE 2017

  • After spending the week working in the big city of Hamburg, I spent my weekends rediscovering my beautiful little city of Lüneburg.
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JULY 2017

  • I spent 2 weeks in my favorite city, Chicago! It was also my first time spending the 4th of July in the US since 2013.
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Now I am back in Germany, and even after four years of living in this country, I am still loving my life here! If you are wondering what I did during my first 3 years in Germany, check out the links below:

Here’s to another great year!