Finding a Full-Time Job in Germany (a Foreigner’s Experience)

Hey guys, guess what…. I OFFICIALLY HAVE A BIG GIRL FULL-TIME POST-GRADUATION JOB!!! — Courtney (@courtneydmartin) March 24, 2017 That’s right, after graduating with my Master’s degree from a German university in December 2016, I finally found a full-time job in my field! In fact, today is my first day at my new job (wish me luck!). Wanting to be as real with my readers as possible, this post will review my experience with applying to and interviewing for full-time jobs in Germany. First, the hard facts:Length of my job search: 3 monthsNumber of jobs I applied to: 24Number Continue Reading

Our Germerican Wedding Reception

I married my German husband on December 30, 2016 in a beautiful wedding ceremony in the Lüneburg Water Tower. After the ceremony, we celebrated our marriage in a small reception in the historic Lüner Mühle – a restaurant and hotel located directly on the river in an old mill built in the 14th century. The celebration actually began with a short reception on the top of the water tower, which is where we met our guests after the ceremony. Marco’s father, an avid flag collector, also gave us our first wedding gift! 😀 Couples that get married in the Lüneburg Continue Reading