Mistranslation Monday has been missing from the blog lately. Unfortunately, this is not because my German is getting better. It’s more likely due to the fact that I took a vacation to the U.S. and have been speaking a lot of English lately.

So, today’s Mistranslation Monday doesn’t come from myself, but my lovely friend Adele from Lithuania.

As you may know, the German fiancé and I are currently planning our wedding. Since we will only have about 30 guests, we have been discussing whether or not there should be dancing at the reception. When Adele came over last week for coffee, I asked her what she thought.

[Note: we speak German with each other, so this is a translated version of our conversation]

“I would dance!” she told me.

“Really? You would feel comfortable dancing in front of our families, even if nobody else was dancing?” I asked.

“Sure, but of course I would bring my boyfriend on the dance floor with me, then we could dance as a team.” She replied.

Or, at least that is what I heard. Marco, on the other hand, heard something else:

“Sure, but of course I would bring my boyfriend on the dance floor with me, then we could dance intimately.”

“You’re going to dance intimately in front of our families?” Marco yelled from the other room, trying to hold back his laughter.

For my German-speaking readers, here is what Adele really said: “…dann können wir in Team tanzen.

But due to her small grammatical error (in Team instead of im Team), what she said sounded the same as the German word for “intimate” (intim).

So, I apologize to all of our wedding guests in advance if Adele and her boyfriend make you feel uncomfortable with their intimate dancing at our wedding reception. 😀