Seeing as its the last day of August, I figured I would try something new as I reflect on the month: share all of my favorite things from August with you!

This month I spent a lot of time stressing over paperwork and applications, then attempting to de-stress every evening in front of the TV. So, I have a mix of things I discovered and rediscovered over the past few weeks that all basically belong to the genre of “sit on the couch and eat junk food.” Enjoy!

Movie: Victoria

I watched this movie on a whim one evening while browsing Netflix without knowing what it was about. So, I was pretty confused when the actors were speaking both English and German, and I actually paused the movie to look up some information about it before continuing. But after seeing that it has amazing reviews, I kept watching. And I am glad I did!

Victoria was shot in one-take, which is quite impressive to begin with, but it also has really compelling plot and interesting characters that immerse you in the story. Victoria is especially interesting for bilingual German/English speakers because both languages are spoken throughout the film.

The story is about a Spanish woman, Victoria, who lives in Berlin and meets three German men while out partying one night. The next two hours are about how their night of partying turns into a bank robbery. For any foreigners that have spent a night partying in Germany, the beginning scenes where the German men are trying to talk to Victoria in English may give you flashbacks (but hopefully you have never experienced anything like what happens in the second half). I also watched this movie right before bed, but it left me feeling pretty shaken and it was hard to go to sleep. So, I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

TV Show: Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table is a documentary series produced by Netflix, with each episode telling the story of a world-renowned chef. Marco and I like to watch this while eating (although it usually makes us feel kind of bad about the crap we are eating compared to the amazing dishes we are seeing), but the show is very interesting, and I think the stories of the chefs are incredibly inspiring. I highly suggest it as a dinner show if you have the horrible habit of watching TV while eating dinner like we do.

Song: Oft Gefragt by AnnenMayKantereit

This song was played pretty often by German radio stations a few months ago, but I still really like it and started listening to it again recently. It’s a love song for the singer’s father, which is enough to make anyone feel a little homesick.

Ich hab keine Heimat, ich hab nur dich
Du bist Zuhause für immer und mich

Food: K-Classic Cookie Dough Ice Cream

I ate mine before I thought to take a picture :/ 

You guys! I found a cookie dough ice cream that’s not Ben & Jerry’s (so expensive!) and is available year-round (not just during “American week”)! Kaufland’s house brand, K-Classic, has this cookie dough ice cream for just 2.50€, which is less than half of the price of Ben & Jerry’s. I was also very surprised with the amount of cookie dough in the ice cream. I know most people reading this probably think I am crazy, so I will end this rant about cookie dough ice cream by just saying that I highly suggest it for my fellow cookie dough-loving Americans in Germany.

Recipes: Einfach Tasty

If you have Facebook, then you have definitely seen those short recipe videos from Tasty. Well, I just recently realized there is a German version: Einfach Tasty. If you live in Germany, these are nice because you will no longer see ridiculous recipe videos with ingredients that you would never be able to find in normal grocery stores.

Here is one that Marco and I recently tried out:
Dieses Hasselback Hühnchen kann wirklich jeder zubereiten!
Posted by Einfach Tasty on Monday, August 22, 2016

What are some of your favorite things from August?