If you didn’t know already, I am American. Thus, I grew up speaking American English. In Germany, however, students are generally taught British English. So, over the past five years, I have had to slowly convert my German fianc√© over to my mother tongue.

Ground meat or floor meat?
Unfortunately, even after five years together, Marco still uses some quintessentially British terms instead of their American counterpart. One instance of this happened last week when we were writing up a grocery list.
“Add minced meat,” Marco said.
“Only if you can say it to me in American English,” I replied. 

[Before you think I am a crazy flag-waving, bald eagle-flying lunatic – know that I don’t always require to speak perfect American English whenever he talks to me. I was just curious in this moment if he knew the American term for “minced meat.”]

“Ummm… I know there is another word for it, but I can’t remember….” he said.
Alright, I thought, let’s give him a clue.
“What are you standing on right now?” I asked him.
Marco paused for a moment, before exclaiming:
Then we went to the store to buy some delicious floor meat.
P.S. Marco was obviously joking, although he still could not think of the word “ground meat” even after my hint.