I know, I know. I haven’t been around in a while. First it was Easter, then it was the start of a new semester, and this blog got put on the back-burner. But I am back!

Since this is my last semester of grad school, I figured I would make a “day in the life” post to give you all a glimpse into my current “student life.” This particular day (Wednesday, April 11th ) didn’t turn out quite as expected, but I still took pictures all along the way. I also want to apologize in advance for the potato-quality pictures (my cell phone camera isn’t the best).

Here we go!

8:00 AM
drinking green tea
My alarm went off at 7:45, and my wonderful German fiancé got up first to make me a cup of green tea. I drank this while making some breakfast, checking emails, and planing out my day.

9:00 AM
After breakfast I got myself ready for the day. Here is my before and after, where surprisingly little has changed (except for the fact that my shirt changed color and I put on jeans).
 10:00 AM
writing on my bed
I had two hours before I had somewhere to be, so I got on my computer to try and get some work done. I turned in the proposal for my Master’s thesis to my supervisor the day before, so I didn’t currently have any work to do for my thesis. However, I did have to plan a short lesson for my English tutoring later in the day, and I still have a term paper to write for last semester (oops).
12:00 PM
class in Germany

Next, it was time for my Master forum, which is where all the Master’s students from my field (there’s 10 of us) sit in a room together for two hours and talk. Turns out, I am the only person in the forum with a set topic, but when I try to explain what I am doing, nobody understands me. 
I really need to practice how to explain my thesis topic in two sentences. I think the best scientists are those that can explain their topic (no matter how complex) to anyone, and still have them understand what it is they do.
2:00 PM

After a less-than-great Master forum, I go back to my apartment to grab something to eat. I check my emails, and see that my supervisor emailed me back. Marco was also at home, so I threw my phone to him and said, “read it for me!” 
The email started:
Dein Expose gefällt mir sehr gut…” 
He said he really liked my proposal! And he read it the day after I sent it to him, which is pretty incredible. This picture shows how I was feeling in that moment. 
3:00 PM
path in German forest
I was only at home for 30 minutes before having to leave again. I recently began tutoring two teenage girls in English, which can be challenging (they aren’t always so thrilled to see me) but also can be a lot of fun. I tutor them at one of the girls’ houses, which is about a 25 minute walk from my apartment. I could drive the car or ride my bike, but this is what the walk looks like (see above picture), so I don’t mind.
4:00 PM

teaching English
We met for one hour, where we discussed irregular verbs. I had them create a story using at least one irregular verb in every sentence, and things got a little crazy. There was a man named James whose girlfriend got bit by an alligator, so James killed all the alligators and made his girlfriend a purse with their skin. Yikes.
5:00 PM
bridge over the Ilmenau

I leave tutoring around 4:30 to walk back over the Ilmenau (the river that runs through my city) and head home.

6:00 PM
American food in Germany
Before going home, I figured I would pick up some groceries at Penny (a discount grocery store near our apartment). As you can see in the picture, they still have some products leftover from “America week,” including cheese squeeze, jarred hot dogs, and “cup ‘o noodles” in macaroni & cheese flavor.
After checking out, I reached in my pocket and realized I forgot my keys when I left the apartment after lunch. Luckily, Marco works at the university (also near our apartment and the grocery store). When I got to his office, however, he’s wasn’t there. I tried walking around his institute a little bit, but there are a lot of laboratories (he’s a chemist), and I didn’t want to start opening doors to the labs to ask people where he is. Instead, I just sat outside of his office… for over an hour.
Here’s to never forgetting my keys ever again.

7:00 PM
Parmesan Zander for dinner
 I started making dinner around 7:00 pm: Parmesan-crusted zander with potato wedges and salad. After my roller coaster of a day, I also decided to have a glass of wine.
8:00 PM
Watching Netflix and drinking wine
By 8:00 pm, I was done. I poured myself another glass of wine, lit a candle, turned on Netflix (I’m currently watching Mr. Selfridge), and put my feet up until it was time to go to bed.
As I am writing this the next day, I realize that I forgot to mention that I slammed my finger in the gate as I was leaving the girl’s house that I tutor. It hurt pretty bad, but I didn’t realize just how bad it was until this morning. It’s quite purple, and I can’t bend it all the way.
What a day!