I did it! I made it through my third semester of graduate school in Germany! Yay!
Best of all, this means that I have made it through (almost) all of my coursework! My fourth and final semester will largely just consist of me sitting at a desk by myself as I write my 80-page Master’s thesis. Doesn’t that sound like fun?
graduate school in Germany

Before I start thinking about the coming semester too much though (the new semester starts on April 4th), let’s take a look back at everything I accomplished in my third semester of grad school in Germany:

5 grad school courses
In order to graduate in 2 years, my program requires students to take 6 courses per semester. For my second semester of grad school, I signed up for 7 courses last semester so that I would only had to take 5 this year. 

Half way through the semester, I found out that one of my 7 seven classes won’t count towards my degree. So, I will have to make up for it by taking one class next semester, while I am writing my Master’s thesis. It is doable, but annoying. I took a class and wrote a full, 20-page term paper for nothing (except knowledge, of course)!

5 term papers
Once again, I didn’t have to take any exams this semester, but I did have to write 5 term papers. Man, am I getting sick of writing! Hopefully I find a second wind when it comes to writing my thesis…

50 pages written*
*This is a projected figure, as I still have one paper left to write. Oops.

5 presentations
Only 3 of my 5 classes required a presentation! That’s another step up from the 5 last semester.

1 class next semester
As I said earlier, I only have to take one class in my final semester (not counting the Master’s colloquium).

Wish me luck as I head into my final semester, and let me know in the comments if you have any tips (or encouragement) for writing a thesis!