There are 50 states in the USA. Do you know all of their names? Do you know where they all are? I had my German fianc√© fill out a blank map of the U.S. to see how well he knows my home country.
German fills out USA map

To start off with, Marco had nothing but this blank map of the U.S. and a pen. The first states he filled out were the ones he had visited: before we met, Marco had already taken two U.S. vacations to Florida and New York. Since we have met, he has been to Illinois four times.

Other easy ones for him were California, Texas, and Pennsylvania (he obviously would have known Alaska and Hawaii as well, but they weren’t included in the map I printed off).

After filling out about 10 states, the struggle began.

German's US Map

Marco spent a long time on the East Coast and was pretty determined to get them all. Surprisingly, he actually knew all of the state names, he just had no idea which was where (note all of the cross-outs).

The funniest mistake is probably his mislabeling of Rhode Island. I blame the NFL for misleading him to believe that New England is a state.

German thinks New England is a state

Most of his mistakes were concentrated on the East Coast, which is everyone can agree is a confusing area. The poor guy also thought Washington, D.C. was a state, which I also can’t blame him for.

When it came to the West, however, Marco couldn’t even come up with a name for a lot of the states (except the four corners – he knew those from Breaking Bad). Not wanting him to just have a half-blank map, I let him listen to the song of the 50 states. After being reminded of the existence of states like Montana and Wyoming, he was able to place them correctly.

I also attempted to fill out the map. and I am a little ashamed of my mix-up on the East Coast. However, I don’t think anyone can blame me for the mess up with Kansas and Nebraska. I mean, they are called fly-over states for a reason, right?

You can test your U.S. geography knowledge with this quiz. Just click on “play,” then type the first three letters of the highlighted state.

Can you beat Marco’s score of 38/50? Can you beat my score of 46/50?

Let me know how many states you can identify in the comments!