In November 2011, Marco took me on our first weekend getaway to the coast of the Baltic Sea near Lübeck. We stayed in a little beach house (albeit not directly on the beach), where we cuddled up in front of a wood fireplace and made a short day trip to the Lübeck Christmas market.

Four years later, Marco planned another little getaway to the Baltic Sea. This time, we ventured a little further north to Kappeln, which is about 45 minutes south of Flensburg, and the house we stayed in really did sit right on the shore. In fact, we had amazing views of the Schlei from the back of the house and the Baltic Sea from the front of the house. Once again, we cuddled up in front of an amazing wood fireplace, and we took a day trip to visit the Christmas market in Flensburg.

However, there is one thing that made this trip much more special…

Marco asked me to marry him, and I said yes!
Funny how much, yet also how little, has changed in four years.