I dressed up for Halloween this past weekend for the first time in at least 4 years. I was Little Red Riding Hood, and Marco was my wolf. Since Germans stick to scary costumes (luckily the “sexy” costume trend has not made it over here yet), I used liquid latex and fake blood to make scratches along the side of my face.

We had to travel by train and subway to get to the Halloween party, and Marco had not yet put in his fangs and contacts. So, our friends kept commenting on how “cute” he looked, which is not what he was going for.

“Watch out,” he said, “I’m a wolf with rapies!”

Yikes. Not sure what rapies are, but let’s hope you don’t have that! (Obviously he meant rabies.)

Oh, the difference one letter makes…

Since the party started early, we brought some Halloween snacks along too. I made spider cupcakes and jello [vodka] worms (complete with Oreo dirt and served in a flower pot). I was pretty proud of them (even though my spiders were missing 2 legs each).

Spider Cupcakes
Jello shot worms

The next language mistake of the night came a few hours into the party, when I was striking up a conversation with a guy that I had never met before, but who also goes to my university.

The details are fuzzy, but I wanted to ask him if he “had friends [somewhere or something].”

Unfortunately, my question started with the words, “Hast du Freunden…”

Before I could finish me was giving me a weird look and telling me, “Ja… ich habe eine Freundin.”

Oh no. Oh no no no. I made the word friend (Freund) plural by adding an “en” instead of just an “e.” So when I meant to say “friends,” he heard “girlfriend.” He thinks I asked him if he has a girlfriend, and now he is trying to end this conversation as quickly as possible.

Oh the difference one letter makes…

How was your Halloween this year?