I came back from my two-week trip from the U.S. on Friday. So, naturally, I have another haul to share!

USA Haul

Before I left, I shared my American shopping list, which mentioned some of things I had planned to pick up during my trip. Well, I got all those things and then some.

Most importantly, I got clothes. As a graduate student that did her Bachelor’s in the U.S., I do not have very much money. So, I very rarely go shopping for new clothes. I actually cannot remember the last time I bought any new clothing in Germany.

Since clothes are also a little cheaper in the U.S. (especially jeans), I went to town searching through the clearance racks of nearly every store within a 20-mile radius of my parent’s house. Here are the clothes (including a pair of new shoes and a bag) I bought, all of which was discounted by a minimum of 30%. The most expensive item of clothing I bought was a pair of Calvin Klein jeans, which were on sale at the outlet mall for 40 dollars.

Shopping in the USA

The Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations were also really getting to me, so I told Marco that I really wanted to bring some kind of Thanksgiving decoration back for our apartment. Still not wanting to spend much money (and worrying about the weight of my suitcase), we grabbed a dish towel from TJ Maxx for three dollars. We are using it as a kind of tablecloth/centerpiece for our little dining room table.

Thanksgiving decorations

Next on the list is, of course, was Yankee Candles. Although I have figured out that I can buy Yankee Candles online in Germany, they are much cheaper in the U.S.

Marco and I got two big jar candles: Iced Spice Cake and Fall Wreath (the labels vary depending on what store you buy the candles from, but they are all the same candles).

Since they were crazy on sale, we also grabbed some scented wax for our tea light wax melter thing (you know what I mean). Each of those little plastic containers of wax were only two dollars!

Yankee candles in Germany

If you read my USA shopping list, then you also know that Marco and I love Crest Whitestrips. We don’t do them very often, but they are not available in Germany, so we always like to pick them up (but only if they are on sale, of course).

Crest whitestrips

Lastly, candy. Most importantly, peanut butter candy. You can see I got Reese’s, Reese’s Pieces, and peanut butter M&M’s (oh how I wish they sold these in Germany). I also got a bag of candy corn, Wild Berry Skittles (the best kind of Skittles), Red Vines, and a Butterfinger.

American candy in Germany

Let’s hope I can make this pile of candy last more than 2 weeks (after just 5 days, I have already opened a bag of peanut butter M&M’s, the Reese’s Pieces, and the Skittles – oh, and I already ate the entire bag of candy corn).