My third semester of grad school starts today (which is also my final semester of classes! YAY!). Unfortunately, I still have one more term paper to write from last semester (oops), but it will get done within the next two weeks (hopefully), so I figured I will write this post anyways.

Graduate School in Germany

Here is a review of my second semester of graduate school in Germany.

7 grad school courses
In order to graduate in 2 years, my program requires students to take 6 courses per semester. Why did I take 7? Masochism, basically. But I survived!

6 term papers
The good news: I didn’t have to take any exams this semester! The bad news: I had to write 6 term papers! And actually, I still haven’t turned in 3 of them… ugh.

80 pages written
I was curious, so I just checked all of my term papers to see how many pages I wrote in total. 80. Yep. That’s a lot for one semester, especially when you have to do research on so many different topics.

5 presentations
This semester, 5 of my 7 courses required a presentation (4 of those were in German). I don’t particularly enjoy giving presentations. I always have to remember to wear a high-necked shirt because my chest becomes all splotchy.

5 classes next semester
In the review of my first semster of grad school in Germany, I naively write that I was planning on taking 7 classes for the next semester. While I don’t regret that decision, it did not make my life easy. But maybe I should be thanking past Courtney, because now I only have to take 5 classes this coming semester (and none of them sound particularly easy)!

Here’s to my last semester of grad school classes!

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