While in the U.S. last month, the German boyfriend saw his very first hummingbird! Hummingbirds only live in the Americas, so this was something he was quite excited about. Since my parents have a hummingbird feeder, we continued to watch a group of hummingbirds fly all over the backyard for our entire two-week stay.

As we were watching the hummingbirds from my parent’s patio one morning, I tried to strike up a German conversation with Marco by saying the German word for hummingbird.


Kohlrabi or Kolibri
I think this is what Marco imagined when I said that.

After a confused pause, Marco replied, “I think you mean Kolibri.

Oh yeah. Kolibri. Although, had there been a flying cabbage drinking sugar water in my parent’s backyard, then that would have a been a first for all of us.