If you didn’t already know, Marco and I are flying to Chicago next week! Since I am from Chicago, and it is my favorite city in the world, I figured I would write a little tribute post before we board our plane.

Flying from Germany to Chicago

I have been trying to get myself pumped up for going back to the U.S. by checking out the latest things that are going on in and around Chicago. Earlier this year, Chicago launched a $2.2 million tourism campaign titled #ChicagoEpic. Not a big fan of that campaign name, but oh well.

Here is the first commerical advertisement from this campaign (gotta love that stereotypical Chicago accent):

Ignoring the fact that it makes Chicago look like L.A. with its depictions of people surfing and playing volleyball on the beach, it does make me feel a little bit homesick. However, I recently saw something even better posted to Facebook recently.

This is a short tourism film for Chicago from 1977 titled “Chicago is…”:

If you ignore the misogynistic remark where they call women in bikinis “other popular attractions,” it’s pretty great. Just listen to that music! Chicago iiiiiis exciting! Chicago iiiiiis fun!
Since my parents live in the suburbs, Marco and I reserved two nights in an Airbnb in Old Town. This is our first time using this platform to book a place to stay, so I will make sure to let you all know how it ends up. 
Chicago iiiiiiiisss exciting!