As long as you ignore the crippling debt it leaves vulnerable young adults with just as they are about to enter the job market, college in the U.S. is great! The campuses are immaculately manicured, there are loads of free activities to take part in, and you get a summer break that lasts three months! Three months!

So, as I sit at my computer, taking a break from writing a term paper, I have to ask: where is my summer vacation?!
Technically, German students do get quite a lot of time off between the summer and winter semester. This year, the break at my university stretches from mid-July to early October. However, I have to write six term papers during this time! Don’t forget the fact that three of those are in German (and each should be 15-20 pages long).
Admittedly, most of my fellow students just ignore their responsibilities and enjoy their nearly three-month vacation. Then, they just write their papers during the next semester (which is nuts and super stressful). Unfortunately, I am boring and responsible. So, I would rather waste away my hours of summer as I sit in front of my computer everyday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Oh, and don’t forget that I am also technically working 3 part-time jobs at the moment. So, I spend about two days per week writing and three days working. But then I also spend most weekends working/writing… #SummerFun

Am I done complaining yet? Oh, not quite. Although I said that I am wasting away my hours of summer, it is not actually so dramatic. At least Germany decided to make it easier to justify sitting inside all day by having crappy weather. I actually had to turn on a space heater at work on July 31. A space heater. In July.

I take a picture on my walk to work whenever I see my lucky white rabbit in the campus garden. Here is the most recent one that I took:

My lucky rabbit
Wow, doesn’t that look like such a beautiful sunny August morning? Not really. I actually had to stop walking through the campus garden to get to work this week because it has been raining nonstop for 3 days, and the path is flooded.
It actually rained so much, that the drain on our balcony clogged, and it was 2-inches deep in water. That was fun to deal with at 8 in the morning.
Hopefully it will all be worth when I am finally done with (at least the majority) of my term papers, and I can relax on my parents’ patio in the U.S. for two weeks.

P.S. Whenever I feel really discouraged, I watch this remix video of Shia LeBeouf. I highly suggest it to anyone needed a little motivation: