Do you know what’s in a Milky Way? What about a Mars? Well, depending on where you are from, you may be confused when buying these candy bars in a different country.

Let’s start off with a little test.

What kind of candy bar is this?

What kind of candy bar is this?

1. If you answered Milky Way, then you are buying your candy bars in Germany/Europe.
    If you answered 3 Musketeers, then you are buying them in the U.S.
2. If you answered Milky Way, then you are buying your candy bars in the U.S.
    If you answered Mars, then you are buying them in Germany/Europe.
Confusing, huh?
The German boyfriend and I first realized these differences when he visited me in the U.S. I was eating a Milky Way, and although it clearly said “Milky Way” on the package, Marco argued that what I was eating was actually a Mars bar, Fast forward a few years, and I am starting to get a grasp on the confusing variations of candy bars from the Mars Corporation.
To clear things up, let’s look at the filling and packing of the various candy bars in question.
Here is what an American Milky Way looks like:
American Milky Way
Here is what a German Milky Way looks like:
Milky Way packaging in EuropeGerman/European Milky Way

The Wikipedia article on Milky Way describes the difference as:

The European version [of the Milky Way] has no caramel topping, and consists of a nougat center that is considerably lighter than that of the Mars bar.

Basically, the German Milky Way is the American 3 Musketeers (a candy bar name that does not exist outside in Europe):

3 Musketeers - American candy bar
And the American Milky Way is the same as the German Mars:
Mars packagingGerman Mars Bar
So, to review:
German Milky Way = American 3 Musketeers
American Milky Way = German Mars
We also know that the 3 Musketeers does not exist in Europe, which leaves us with the question: What is an American Mars bar?
Personally, I have never eaten an American Mars bar, nor do I remember ever seeing them in stores. Turn out, they were discontinued in 2002, 
But if you were curious, this is what the American Mars looked like:
American Mars bar
This candy bar contained nougat and almonds – a variation that I am pretty sure doesn’t exist in Germany or the U.S. anymore… Although, as a lover of nutty candy bars (Baby Ruth is my favorite), I think I would have quite liked it!
What is your favorite candy bar?