Renewing My German Student Visa

When I was first accepted to graduate school in Germany, I went straight to the Ausländerbehörde (foreigner’s office) to get my German student visa. However, I was a little disappointed when, instead of receiving a visa for the entirety of my two-year program, I was only issued a one-year visa. So, I always knew that I would have to renew my residence permit before it expired on September 30, 2015. This is not only annoying because I had to go back to the soul-draining Ausländerbehörde, but a German student visa also costs around 70-120€ (it seems to be a different amount every Continue Reading

On Paid Vacation

Unfortunately, my contract for the part-time job I have had for the past year came to an end. In fact, today was my very last day. I’m not too sad, though, because I will still be paid until the end of September. How? Germany! I have been working a part-time job at my university since October 2014. The job is great, the pay is great, everything is great. Learning that I had paid vacation days made it even more great. At just 15 hours per week, I never expected I would have any kind of benefits. Heck, I worked full-time Continue Reading

Where’s My Summer Vacation?!

As long as you ignore the crippling debt it leaves vulnerable young adults with just as they are about to enter the job market, college in the U.S. is great! The campuses are immaculately manicured, there are loads of free activities to take part in, and you get a summer break that lasts three months! Three months! So, as I sit at my computer, taking a break from writing a term paper, I have to ask: where is my summer vacation?! Technically, German students do get quite a lot of time off between the summer and winter semester. This year, Continue Reading

30 Before 30

I turned 25 last month. So, I figured this a great time to make a 30 before 30 list — that is, a list of 30 goals I want to accomplish before I turn 30 years old. Deadline: July 8, 2020. 1. Finish my Master’s degreeThis one should be done by September 2016, which means it will probably be one of the first to be crossed off this list. 2. Attend a Bundesliga gameAlthough I have been living in Germany for over 2 years, I have still never been to a professional soccer game! 3. Find a job I loveThis would Continue Reading

Candy Bar Confusion

Do you know what’s in a Milky Way? What about a Mars? Well, depending on where you are from, you may be confused when buying these candy bars in a different country. Let’s start off with a little test. What kind of candy bar is this? What kind of candy bar is this? Answers: 1. If you answered Milky Way, then you are buying your candy bars in Germany/Europe.     If you answered 3 Musketeers, then you are buying them in the U.S. 2. If you answered Milky Way, then you are buying your candy bars in the U.S. Continue Reading