On Sunday nights, Marco and I always watch Game of Thrones together. Anyone that watches Game of Thrones knows that the show can leave you in a weird mood once the credits start rolling.

I guess the episode a few weeks ago left Marco in a really weird mood, because as he was getting ready for bed later that night, he told me:

“I have the jiggles!”
I shot him the *what the heck are you talking about* look.
“I mean the giggles!” he said in an attempt to correct himself.
“You have the jiggles or the giggles?” I ask, not really knowing what the jiggles are, while also being quite certain that he did not have the giggles. 
“I just meant I have goosebumps,” he replied, sounding discouraged.
Hey, it was a nice try at finding a new way to express the feeling of goosebumps. And I suppose it also kind of worked since it’s now totally normal for Marco or me to say that we have the “jiggles and giggles” when we really just have the goosebumps.