After finishing my last exam paper yesterday, it is official! I am done with my first semester of graduate school in Germany! YAY!

First Semester of Graduate School in Germany

Here’s a look back at everything I accomplished this semester (in numbers):

6 grad school courses

…4 of which were in German and 2 of which were in English (thank goodness). For my undergrad, I only ever had to take 5 courses each semester, so balancing 6 was fairly challenging.

2 final exams

One was in English, thank goodness. However, the other one wasn’t, and that was by far the hardest thing I did all semester. Translated to English, the course was titled “Theoretical contexts of the cultural sciences.” Doesn’t that sound like a load of fun? Anyways, check out my last blog post to read more about it, which was appropriately titled “The Final Exam from Hell.”

3 presentations

Two of my courses required that I give a presentation. The first was in English, so that wasn’t too big of a deal. However, I also had to give 2 in German! Those were both pretty terrifying, but they went pretty smoothly!

4 term papers

I much prefer writing papers to taking final exams. I finished my last term paper yesterday, which means I have nearly 2 weeks of vacation (besides working 15 hours/week) before the new semester starts!

7 classes for next semester

Was my first semester in Germany perfect? Hell no. But everything worked out in the end, and for that I am grateful. I am also still a part of the program and have signed up for 7 classes for the summer semester, which goes from April through September. Wish me luck!