It Will Go Horribly! | Mistranslation Monday

Now that final exams are over, and I am feeling a little more relaxed, it is time for another Mistranslation Monday! This one goes back to November, when I was preparing to give my first presentation in German for one of my graduate school classes. The night before my presentation, my friend Sarah texted me. Here is my literal translation of the above messages: Sarah: Best of luck tomorrow! I am sure that it will go wrong. Me: You are sure it will go wrong? I hope it doesn’t go wrong… I remember when I first read the message, I Continue Reading

My First Semester of Grad School in Germany

After finishing my last exam paper yesterday, it is official! I am done with my first semester of graduate school in Germany! YAY! Here’s a look back at everything I accomplished this semester (in numbers): 6 grad school courses …4 of which were in German and 2 of which were in English (thank goodness). For my undergrad, I only ever had to take 5 courses each semester, so balancing 6 was fairly challenging. 2 final exams One was in English, thank goodness. However, the other one wasn’t, and that was by far the hardest thing I did all semester. Translated to English, Continue Reading

The Final Exam from Hell

If you read my very melodramatic post about feeling like a failure, then you already know that I have not had the best of luck with final exams this semester, or should I say final exam. I only had 2 final exams to take this semester. One of them went great, and I passed it without a problem. The other one, however, is what I will call the final exam from hell. It has not gotten this name because it is a difficult exam, but rather just because of my horrible luck in trying to take it. It all started when Continue Reading

Please Don’t… | Mistranslation Monday

Most people reading this blog are probably familiar with the German word for “please,” which is bitte. Well, this simple word actually comes from the verb bitten. Okay. So, if bitte means “please,” then the verb bitten probably means “to please,” right?  Wrong. But, this is a common mistake that Germans make when writing emails and requests. So, instead of translating “Ich bitte dich…” to something like “I am asking you…” (with “ask” as the proper translation of bitten in this instance), Germans sometimes accidentally start of an email with “I please you…” And when you are getting such an email from a coworker, Continue Reading

How to Get a Job with a German Student Visa

Studying in Germany is great! It is way cheaper than in the U.S. (as long as you go to a public school), there are great universities, and there is a huge selection of interesting degree programs (many that are even in English!). Regardless of how cheap the tuition is, however, moving abroad is never cheap, and you will probably want to get a part-time job during your studies. Step 1: Read Your Visa Carefully Before looking for a job, you need to know exactly what type of work you are allowed to do, and how many hours you are allowed Continue Reading

Top Picks on Netflix Germany

I never had Netflix when I lived in the U.S. Now that it has come to Germany, however, I am obsessed. Although I know many expats complain about the selection of Netflix Germany vs. Netflix USA, I am pretty happy with it so far. So, I figured I would share what I have been loving on Netflix Germany lately for my other movie-streaming residents of Germany. Oh, and if you do not have Netflix or live in Germany, then just consider this a  list of movies and TV shows that I have been enjoying lately 🙂 TV Series 1. Orphan Continue Reading