As mentioned in my post last week about German healthcare, I recently went to the doctor in Germany for the first time. The appointment started off just as any appointment would. After checking in with the receptionist, a nurse asked to check my vitals before I went into the waiting room.

“Please take off your shoes and step onto the scale,” she said (but in German, of course).

Since it was one of those scales with the sliders, she then asked me, “About how much do you weigh?”

“Ummm…” I had to think for a second, remembering that we were dealing with kilograms, “about 170 kg.”

65 kg to 170 kg (140 lbs to 375 lbs)

The woman then fumbled with the sliders for quite a while before finding the correct value (I don’t know why, I told her how much I weighed…). Finally, she announced my real weight, a number that is less than half of 170.

I walked back out to the waiting room, sat down next to the German boyfriend, and stared at the wall for a good 5 minutes before I realized what I had said to the woman just moments before.

I told her I weighed 170 kg. That is 375 pounds. I am an idiot.

After relaying the story to Marco, he had a good laugh and told me that all the doctors and nurses in the office already know that I come from the U.S. At least she didn’t just think I was completely stupid. Instead, I am just the ignorant American.

Would you be able to say right now (without Google’s help) how much you weigh in both pounds and kilograms?