I Weigh 375 Pounds | Mistranslation Monday

As mentioned in my post last week about German healthcare, I recently went to the doctor in Germany for the first time. The appointment started off just as any appointment would. After checking in with the receptionist, a nurse asked to check my vitals before I went into the waiting room. “Please take off your shoes and step onto the scale,” she said (but in German, of course). Since it was one of those scales with the sliders, she then asked me, “About how much do you weigh?” “Ummm…” I had to think for a second, remembering that we were Continue Reading

My First Experience with German Public Healthcare

Although I have been living in Germany for well over a year now, I had never actually gotten German health insurance. This all changed when I started my Master’s in Germany, however, as being enrolled in a German university made me eligible for public health insurance. Since I have Type 1 Diabetes, a chronic disease that could easily eat up a couple hundred dollars a month in medication and doctor’s visits while I was living in the U.S. (and that’s with private insurance), I was very excited about enrolling in German public health insurance. Although I signed up in October, Continue Reading


In case you didn’t already know, I spent two weeks over Christmas and New Year’s in the U.S. Although the number one reason for my visit was seeing family, I did also take advantage of this time in my home country to acquire a lot of things that I have been missing over the past 1.5 years. Here are some of those things that the German boyfriend and I picked up in the U.S. Enjoy! Reese’s If you read my stocking stuffer wishlist, then you know that I am missing Reese’s and all other peanut butter candy hardcore. Luckily, I Continue Reading