As you probably already know, last week was my first week of graduate school in Germany. One of the courses that I have to take as a part of my Master’s program is called Philosophy of Science.

View from the back of the lecture hall

All graduate students at the university have to take this course, which means it is held in a large lecture hall with approximately 200 students attending the each week. What is most interesting about this course, however, is that it is held in English.

On the first day of class, the professor was discussing the basics of the course, and started off with the question, “What is Science?” (…I know).

To get everyone’s attention, he began by telling us to raise our hand if we thought that what he is saying is a science.

“Biology,” he began.

Everyone raised their hand.


Everyone raised their hand.


Everyone raised their hand.


Everyone except me raised their hand, and I looked around confused.

“Umm… Astronomy.”

Less people raise their hands, and you can hear the sound of murmuring increase.

“Yeah, I figured everyone was confused about that last one. Well, let’s just move on.”

At least I have one course that I am sure to pass this semester…