Summer Tour of Germany | Courtney the Ami

My parents are flying from Chicago to Hamburg in exactly two weeks. Since I have not seen them for one year now, I am so excited to hang out with them in Germany.

Their trip also serves as the perfect excuse for the German boyfriend and me to make a little tour around Germany. Can you believe that despite spending nearly two years of my life in Germany I have still never visited Munich?! Well, I finally will be along with several other beautiful cities. To give you an idea of what we will be doing for those two weeks, here is our itinerary.

Tour of Germany

Day 1

Cities: Hamburg, Lüneburg

My parents arrive at 11:50 a.m. Marco and I will pick them up at the Hamburg Airport, then drive back to our apartment in Lüneburg. The rest of the day will be spent relaxing, cooking, and trying to keep my parents awake until 10 p.m. to prevent them from being jet lagged the entire trip.

Landing in Hamburg Airport
Touchdown Runway 23 HAM by daspaddy

Day 2

City: Lüneburg

I studied abroad in Lüneburg for one semester in 2011. I then moved back in July 2013 and have been living here ever since. So, I think it is high time for my parents to finally see the city that I live in. We will probably just hang out downtown, drink some local beer, eat at a couple restaurants, and check out the historic areas.

Places to visit:

Lüneburg City Hall
Impressionen aus Lüneburg by steffenvogel

Day 3

City: Hamburg

Just a 30-minute train ride north of Lüneburg is Germany’s second largest city: Hamburg. Located right on the River Elbe, Hamburg is also the second largest port in Europe (and the tenth largest in the entire world!).

Some of the most popular things to see in Hamburg:

Hamburg by LuxTonnerre

Day 4

City: Lüneburg

After an action-packed day in Hamburg, we will return to Lüneburg for one more day. We will probably continue knocking things off of the list from Day 2. Since we have a train journey the next day, however, we will also have to spend a little bit of time at home to pack and prepare everything.

Day 5

Cities: Lüneburg, Würzburg

We are taking a Deutsche Bahn ICE (Inter-City Express) train directly from Lüneburg to Würzburg. The train leaves Lüneburg at 10:30 a.m. and arrives in Würzburg at 1:30 p.m. Since Marco’s dad lives about 30 minutes outside of Würzburg, he will pick us all up and show us around the city.
Würzburg by Floris Oosterveld

Days 6-8

City: Munich

On the morning of day 6, we are going to make the 2 hour drive to Munich where we will stay for 3 days. Since there is going to be 6 of us, Marco’s dad rented an Opel Vivaro, which I find kind of hilarious. We reserved rooms for two nights at a hotel, so the van can just stay in the hotel parking garage for the 3 days until we drive home. 
Now, I have never actually been to Munich before, so I am pretty excited for this little trip. Here just a few of the places we will be visiting while we are there:

Day 9

City: Bamberg

Bamberg is a quaint town of about 70,000 in Upper Franconia. It is just a short drive away from where Marco’s dad lives with his girlfriend, so we will definitely be taking a day trip here.
Places to see in Bamberg:

Day 10

City: Nuremberg

The biggest city in Franconia is Nuremburg. I have actually already been to Nuremberg quite a few times, but it is definitely a great city for my parents to see while they are here.

Things to check out in the historic city of Nuremberg:

View from Nuremberg Castle
A photo of me at Nuremberg Castle in 2011

Day 11

Cities: Würzburg, Lüneburg

After a good week in the south, it is time to head back up north. Our Deutsche Bahn ICE train leaves Würzburg at 6:30 p.m. and arrives in Lüneburg at 9:30 p.m.

Deutsche Bahn ICE train
ICE Train by Gaku

Day 12

City: Lüneburg

After our little trip down south, we are back in the City of Salt. We will probably relax a little at the apartment, check out some more of the area, and visit some local beer gardens and breweries.

Day 13

Cities: Bremen 

After a relaxed day in Lüneburg, it is time for one last day trip to Bremen. This riverfront city-state is about a 1.5 hour drive from Lüneburg. It actually holds a special place in my heart as well, since it was one of the first little day trips Marco and I took together a couple weeks after we first met.
Bremen by Allie Caulfield

Day 14

Cities: Lüneburg

Back in Lüneburg again! My parents will probably decide what they are interested in seeing again around the city. Otherwise, we have to spend at least a little bit of this day packing since they leave the following morning.

Day 15

Cities: Lüneburg, Hamburg

After two full weeks, my parents will have to fly back to Chicago. Their flight leaves at 9 a.m., so we will all have to wake up bright and early to drive to the airport.

Flying out of Hamburg Airport
Takeoff HAM Runway 23 by daspaddy

So, that is our plan. Of course it would be amazing if my parents could see other big cities like Berlin and Dresden, but you can only fit so much into 2 weeks without it becoming overwhelming. Anyways, they will definitely be back to visit again 🙂

Which cities do you want to visit the most in Germany?