The local grocery store had bacon and cheese filled hot dogs last week. As soon as I saw the advertisement in the newspaper, I knew I had to get them.

The package contained six huge sausages. So, for dinner that night, Marco ate three, and I ate two.

We grilled them on the panini grill, which is how Marco likes to cook everything nowadays.

You can see they didn’t exactly fit on our plates.

Now, I have to preface my review by saying that cheese-filled anything is my favorite kind of food. So, I had high hopes for these guys. Marco, of course, was more excited for the bacon part.
And I have to say, overall, they were pretty good. I was happy that the bacon flavor wasn’t too strong, but you could definitely still taste it. You can see some of the bacon and fat bits in the picture on the right. They were definitely lacking in the cheese area, however.
Although, we did still end up buying another package that same week 😉
What is your favorite kind of sausage?