Stalls at the Medieval Christmas Market in Lüneburg (Historischer Christmarkt Lüneburg)Known here in Lüneburg as the Historischer Christmarkt, this is a special Christmas market that takes place for just one weekend each year. Since neither the German boyfriend or I had ever been, we decided to stop by on Saturday evening.

Unlike a traditional German Christmas market, which has wooden huts draped in Christmas lights, the Medieval Christmas market attempts to remain authentic to the Renaissance style. This means no electric lights, traditional clothing, and handmade goods.

While this may sound sweet, we weren’t really impressed. It was basically just a dark and dreary market with sparse points of candlelight.

There was one upside, however: the bratwurst cost one euro less than at the regular Christmas market in Lüneburg.

Eating a bratwurst at the Lüneburg Medieval Christmas market
I have attended Lüneburg’s Renaissance festival in the summer, however, and it is a lot of fun. I just think that this style of market just isn’t nearly as fun when mixed with the wet and cold Lüneburg weather.
What do you think: Do you like this Medieval style, or do you prefer the traditional German Christmas markets?