Unlike many German apartments, our kitchen is actually attached to our living room/dining room. This is one of the top reasons I like this apartment, as the other ones we looked at had the kitchen as a separate room down the hall. Our kitchen does have a door on it, but we removed it. So this is the entrance from the living room to the kitchen.

Our apartment's little German kitchen

It is a pretty small kitchen, but it’s alright for just two people. Marco and I can both cook in here together without bumping into each other too much.

When you look to the right, here is what you see. We have an electric oven and stove, which is the norm in Germany. You can also see our toaster and electric kettle in the corner. We have these silly open shelves too, and we can’t decide what to put in them. So for now there is just tupperware on the top shelf and some vegetables on the bottom. And, of course, everything is white like the rest of our rooms… I know.
Our kitchen in Germany
When you look to the left, there is our sink.
No, we don’t have a dish washer 🙁

White German kitchen
And then we have a small window, an alcohol shelf (not that we have much), a table for extra counter space, a calendar, and a glass writing board.
German kitchen window
But wait,” my American friends are thinking, “where is the refrigerator?!
I know, that’s what I thought too. The Germans really like to hide their refrigerators by facing them to match the cabinetry. Also, our fridge is typical German size (aka tiny). Marco asked me recently if I ever had a small fridge like this where the freezer is inside, and I replied, “Yes, in my college dorm room Freshman year.”
Small German refrigerator with cabinet front
So that is our kitchen. Hope you like it!