I know some of you saw my German bedroom tour and were thinking, “Where is the closet?”

Well, Germans do not build closets into bedrooms. Instead, they have to buy huge armoires for their clothes. The issue with this is that it takes up a lot of space.

Luckily, our apartment has a storage room (Abstellraum). The tenants of the apartment before us had used it as a walk-in closet, and we thought this was a great idea. The door into this room is directly next to our bedroom door as well.

Our goal was to buy all the shelving and supplies for the closet for under 100 Euro. First we bought the three Expedit shelves from Ikea for 20 Euro each. Then we went to a home improvement store, where we bought the wood rod and hardware to hang it for about 15 Euro. So we were able to do it all for only about 75 Euro.

The previous tenants also left us some upper shelves, which was nice. We use them to store the toilet paper, paper towels, and some boxes filled with extra light bulbs and such.

My father laughed when I showed him how we ended up hanging the rod. Since the hardware store we went to is going out of business, it was already half empty. So after finding the wooden rod, we asked some of the employees how we could hang it in a closet. Unfortunately, there was no proper hanging hardware left, and the employees had no ideas. So Marco’s father found these metal pieces, and we made it work. My dad told me later that they are actually meant for joists, but whatever…

So that is our closet! I am happy to not have to have one of the typical German closets in our bedroom. It is much nicer to have a proper walk-in closet.
Hope you liked it!