Welcome to the bedroom tour of our new apartment in Germany!

Floor-to-ceiling German window in our bedroom

When you walk into our bedroom, the first thing you see is the floor-to-ceiling window. Our view is actually pretty nice. You can see another building on the left, but straight ahead there are just trees. Also, since windows open like doors in Germany, you can see that there are bars across the bottom half of the window so we can’t fall out.

Marco was worried that we wouldn’t find curtains that could block out all of the sunlight, but these dark blue polyester curtains we got at Ikea actually do the job very well.

Ikea Borgsjö desk in German apartment

When you look to the left, you see our corner desk from Ikea (Borgsjö). I am pretty proud of this, because I built the whole thing myself 🙂 The desk works out very well, though, because Marco can keep his electronics and binders on the right side, and I keep mine on the left.

Our queen size bed in Germany

Next comes the bed. We actually bought this bed off of the guy that lived in the apartment before us. Funny thing is, he actually imported it from the U.S. after working there, so it is a queen size. Queen size beds measure 150 cm, which is between the two standard sizes of German beds (140 and 160 cm). After having a 140 cm mattress before, though, Marco and I are liking our extra 10 cm.

Expedit shelves in German apartment

For some extra storage, we also put in two Ikea Expedit shelves. These are across from the end of the bed. Marco and I keep our medical supplies and other miscellaneous stuff in these boxes. I also got two drawers, which is where I keep my makeup, nail polish, and jewelry. 

You can also see we hung a small shelf, which is where we put our perfume and cologne. This shelf actually came with the bathroom furniture, but we liked it better in here.
My German make-up and jewelry table made form Expedit shelves from Ikea
Hope you like it!