One of the big positives of German vs. American culture is public drinking. Yeah, yeah, yeah — they have an amazing history, beautiful architecture, blah blah blah. I don’t care about that right now. I miss drinking in public.

I missed this ability most last week on Saint Patrick’s Day. Chicago has a very famous parade and river dying, and all I can think about when attending parades in the US is how great walking around with a beer would be.

Although Germany may not have green beer (as far as I know), I love being able to take a German beer with me to walk with from my apartment to a local bar. Rather than allowing something like that in the US, we actually get ticketed if we are caught with an alcoholic drink outside of the bar (there are a few rare exceptions within the US, like New Orleans).

It’s become a sort of tradition for me and Marco to buy a bottle of wine with a screw top whenever we are on vacation. It may not look classy, but nothing is more fun than sightseeing through Dresden while trading swigs from a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

So now, as I look forward to going back to Germany in about 4 months, I am adding public drinking to my list of things I am most excited to do again. Judge me however you want.