The Lüneburg Christmas Market in Pictures

The German boyfriend and I finally made it out to Lüneburg’s Christmas Market today! I really love German Christmas Markets. They are definitely my favorite part of spending the holidays in this country. So although we are leaving for Nuremberg tomorrow, where the biggest Christmas Market in all of Germany is, I still wanted to see Lüneburg’s this season. So here is our little walk through Lüneburg’s Christmas Market in pictures. Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten!

Our Christmas Decorations + Advent Calendar

It is almost Christmas here in Germany (and everywhere else, of course), so our apartment is decked out with all the decorations we’ve got. While I admit it’s not much, I think it looks pretty nice. So I wanted to share some pictures of our Christmas decorations with you. Christmas cards from my family in the U.S. on a shelf with some candles above our dining room table. Marco stocking, which I knitted for him last year, hung under the shelf, and a poinsettia on the table. A baby poinsettia and a candle holder wrapped in tree bark, which was Continue Reading

Key Considerations When Making a Move Overseas

Today, I bring you a guest post by Crown Locations. It is a helpful guide for figuring how what considerations need to be made before making the big move to a new country. The planning and preparation involved with any move is paramount. Particularly so when managing an extended overseas adventure. Make sure you mastermind the move to your dream destination, so that it no longer seems like difficult task. Remember to Do Your ResearchIt’s crucial to settle on a single destination and to glean as much general knowledge about your chosen country as possible. From its customs and culture Continue Reading

Medieval Christmas Market in Lüneburg

Known here in Lüneburg as the Historischer Christmarkt, this is a special Christmas market that takes place for just one weekend each year. Since neither the German boyfriend or I had ever been, we decided to stop by on Saturday evening. Unlike a traditional German Christmas market, which has wooden huts draped in Christmas lights, the Medieval Christmas market attempts to remain authentic to the Renaissance style. This means no electric lights, traditional clothing, and handmade goods. While this may sound sweet, we weren’t really impressed. It was basically just a dark and dreary market with sparse points of candlelight. There Continue Reading

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

On the night before December 6th, German children leave a shoe outside their door. In the night, Santa Claus comes and leaves treats in the shoes. I guess this is just his way to buy more time on Christmas Eve, since he has a whole country of children out of the way already. So this year was my first time getting my shoe filled with candy from Saint Nikolaus! You can see that he really understands me and Marco’s different tastes. My boot is on the left, filled with candy. Marco’s shoe is on the right, filled with an assortment Continue Reading

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Germany

This is my second year in Germany during Thanksgiving, and although nobody else here is celebrating it, I won’t let that stop me. I already wrote a short guide on Expat Focus about how to celebrate Thanksgiving abroad, which included a little bit about what I would be doing this year. Basically, I just tried my hardest to make a few of the Thanksgiving staples. These were most of the ingredients for my German Thanksgiving meal. I started cooking around 3 p.m., and we ate around 6:30 p.m. Here are each of the dishes I made: Green Bean Casserole For Continue Reading

German Apartment Tour: Living Room

Finally, here is a tour of our new living room! One half of the living room is used as a dining room. On the left we have a cabinet with wine glasses, beer glasses, and shot glasses. Next to that is our dining room table. There are only two chairs at the table now, since it is just me and Marco eating there each day, but we do have two other chairs. We also hung a shelf above the table, where we keep a bottle of wine from 1983 that Marco’s father gave to him, some LED candles, and an Continue Reading

German Apartment Tour: Closet

I know some of you saw my German bedroom tour and were thinking, “Where is the closet?” Well, Germans do not build closets into bedrooms. Instead, they have to buy huge armoires for their clothes. The issue with this is that it takes up a lot of space. Luckily, our apartment has a storage room (Abstellraum). The tenants of the apartment before us had used it as a walk-in closet, and we thought this was a great idea. The door into this room is directly next to our bedroom door as well. Our goal was to buy all the shelving Continue Reading

German Apartment Tour: Kitchen

Unlike many German apartments, our kitchen is actually attached to our living room/dining room. This is one of the top reasons I like this apartment, as the other ones we looked at had the kitchen as a separate room down the hall. Our kitchen does have a door on it, but we removed it. So this is the entrance from the living room to the kitchen. It is a pretty small kitchen, but it’s alright for just two people. Marco and I can both cook in here together without bumping into each other too much. When you look to the Continue Reading

German Apartment Tour: Bedroom

Welcome to the bedroom tour of our new apartment in Germany! When you walk into our bedroom, the first thing you see is the floor-to-ceiling window. Our view is actually pretty nice. You can see another building on the left, but straight ahead there are just trees. Also, since windows open like doors in Germany, you can see that there are bars across the bottom half of the window so we can’t fall out. Marco was worried that we wouldn’t find curtains that could block out all of the sunlight, but these dark blue polyester curtains we got at Ikea Continue Reading