The State of Germerica

Lately, I haven’t really been using this blog to tell you guys what is going on in my life – and there is a lot going on! So, I am going to do that today in the first ever… State of Germerica Address! Just like the president’s annual State of the Union address, I will move through this post by topic, providing update on all of the progress I have made in my life throughout the past few months. Who knows, maybe this will even become an annual or biannual thing. Only time will tell. Now let’s see what topics Continue Reading

He’s My Sponge! | Mistranslation Monday

I recently started tutoring two female German high school students in English. Seeing as I have no experience in talking to teenagers or teaching English, this has been an interesting experience to say the least. During our sessions, I discuss all kinds of things with the girls, from dream vacations to embarrassing school stories. Since we only speak English, they occasionally come across words for which they don’t know the English translation. So, after saying the German word, they will pause, waiting for me to say it in English before they continue with their story. My German is good enough Continue Reading

How to Save Money as a Student in Germany

As a foreign student, many people seem to have this expectation that I can take trips to amazing European cities and attractions every weekend. While I’d love to, the truth is that I can’t afford it. But for what my blog lacks in sexy travel photos, I hope it can make up for in practical tips for living abroad. One of the main reasons I chose to further my education in Germany was because of the free tuition. However, free tuition doesn’t mean free living. I still have student loans from my bachelor’s degree. I am not financially supported by Continue Reading