I have a confession to make. A confession that I am not proud about. A confession that many people may criticize me for. However, I am making this confession to you now because it is something that I am finally going to do something about.

I have never voted. But this will change in 2016.

voting from abroad

I turned 18 in 2008, the year that Obama was first running for presidential office. It was also the year I started college.

During those first couple months on campus, it was impossible to go anywhere without seeing a table or booth encouraging students to register to vote. So, like a good college student, I registered.

As the election neared, however, I never got any confirmation of my registration. And when I checked my mailbox just a few days before the election, I found out why.

I had received a letter that said there was something wrong with my registration, and I was, therefore, not registered to. Since I had received the letter just days before the election, there was also no chance for me to re-register.

So, I didn’t vote in 2008. I also never bothered to re-register in the following four years for no real reason other than laziness and ignorance.

Fast forward to 2012. Obama is running for reelection, and I am staying in Germany for two months from September through November. Of course I didn’t think about registering before leaving. I also didn’t think about registering from abroad (I suppose I didn’t really know it was possible). Anyways, the election rolls around, and I remember anxiously turning on the radio in the morning to hear who had won. And in the four years following that day, I still never bothered to register.

Unfortunately, I already missed the primaries for this year. However, there is still time for me to register to vote in the presidential election. I have already started this process, and I promise to write all about my experience and how to vote/register to vote from abroad throughout the coming months.

Have you ever voted from outside of your home country?