Studying in Germany FAQ

Last month marked this blog’s 3 year anniversary. YAY! In that time, I have moved to Germany, passed the TestDaF, applied to German master’s programs, enrolled in a German master’s program, and am now writing my master’s thesis with the plan of finishing my master’s degree in September. Whew! Over the past three years, I have also received countless comments and messages from prospective students looking to study in Germany. So, in an effort to help these curious minds, here are some of the most frequently asked questions I have received about studying in Germany. Student Visa/Residence PermitsI want to Continue Reading

How Moving to Germany Affected My Carbon Footprint

It is a fact that Germany releases much less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per capita than the United States. This is due to a mixture of factors that include large investments in renewable energy and an overall environmental consciousness among German citizens. This got me thinking: Has moving to Germany helped my carbon footprint to shrink? First, let’s look at some numbers:Tons of CO₂ Produced Per Capita in 1990USA: 19Germany: 15.2 Tons of CO₂ Produced Per Capita in 2010USA: 19Germany: 12.3Information received from Carbon Footprint of Nations.This means Germany has actually improved its carbon emissions by nearly 3 tons Continue Reading

Voting from Abroad: My Voting History

I have a confession to make. A confession that I am not proud about. A confession that many people may criticize me for. However, I am making this confession to you now because it is something that I am finally going to do something about. I have never voted. But this will change in 2016. I turned 18 in 2008, the year that Obama was first running for presidential office. It was also the year I started college. During those first couple months on campus, it was impossible to go anywhere without seeing a table or booth encouraging students to Continue Reading