My Third Semester of Grad School in Germany

I did it! I made it through my third semester of graduate school in Germany! Yay! Best of all, this means that I have made it through (almost) all of my coursework! My fourth and final semester will largely just consist of me sitting at a desk by myself as I write my 80-page Master’s thesis. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Before I start thinking about the coming semester too much though (the new semester starts on April 4th), let’s take a look back at everything I accomplished in my third semester of grad school in Germany: 5 grad school coursesIn Continue Reading

My Favorite German YouTube Channels

The most common questions I received after posting my Top 5 German TV Shows was whether the shows were available online. Unfortunately, many German shows are not available online (Germany is a little slow to the digital party). But do you know where you can always find free German-language content? YouTube! If you regularly watch YouTubers, then you know that the platform has largely turned into a lot of attention-seeking 20-somethings creating video content for 13-year-olds. The German YouTube-sphere is very much the same. There are, however, some great channels with funny and original creators that are worth checking out Continue Reading