The Total Cost of My Master’s Degree Program in Germany

Yesterday, I made the final payment for my Master’s degree program! And since I never had to take out any loans for this degree, that means that the whole program is paid off over 8 months before I will graduate! Now that the last payment has been made, let’s take a look at how much getting my Master’s degree in Germany cost in total. First, let me answer some questions you may have regarding tuition in Germany. Didn’t you once write that Germany doesn’t charge tuition?Yes, I did. Public universities in Germany do not charge tuition (to foreigner students or Continue Reading

How German Are You? | The Müller Meter

I was sitting in a 6-hour class last week, when I heard some of my fellow students talking about much “Müller” is in them. For a second, I thought they were talking about genealogy. But no, they were talking about the Müller Meter. ZDF, a German TV broadcaster, created the “Müller Meter” – a 15-question test to see how people compare to the average German.  Wie viel Müller steckt in Ihnen?Sind Sie die/der Durchschnittsdeutsche? Since I was the only foreigner in the room, everyone thought it would be pretty funny for me to take the test as well. The other Continue Reading

The Costs of Studying in Germany (and how I afford it)

Public universities in Germany are (almost) free. Just about everyone knows that by now. Even foreigners are eligible to study for free in Germany. Even if you only have to pay a couple hundred Euro per semester for school, however, there are still other costs to consider before applying to German universities. To help people figure out just how much studying in Germany costs, here is a look at my finances and how I afford to live in Germany while getting my Master’s degree. The BBC published an article in June 2015 about how American students finance their studies in Germany. Continue Reading

My New Year’s Eve in Germany

Now that 2016 is here (YAY!), the holiday season is officially over (BOO!). Although this was my second time spending Christmas and New Year’s in Germany, I was still able to experience a few traditions that I missed out on the first time around. Just like New Year’s Eve 2013, our final evening of 2015 started with Raclette and a bottle of Prosecco. Beginning on December 29th, just about every store in Germany sells fireworks for Silvester (New Year’s Eve). Being from Illinois, it still shocks me to see everything that is legal to buy here (even if it is Continue Reading