My Second Semester of Grad School in Germany

My third semester of grad school starts today (which is also my final semester of classes! YAY!). Unfortunately, I still have one more term paper to write from last semester (oops), but it will get done within the next two weeks (hopefully), so I figured I will write this post anyways. Here is a review of my second semester of graduate school in Germany. 7 grad school coursesIn order to graduate in 2 years, my program requires students to take 6 courses per semester. Why did I take 7? Masochism, basically. But I survived! 6 term papersThe good news: I didn’t Continue Reading

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

Much like chain emails back in the early 2000’s, some bloggers like to send around “awards” to each other that come with a set of questions for their nominees to answer. I have never taken part in one of these awards yet, but after being nominated a handful of times, I figured it was time to participate 🙂 This particular award is called the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers.” I was nominated by American Faultier, Confuzzledom, and Ami in Schwabenland. Each of them created ten questions, but since I am lazy, and 30 questions seem like it would be a lot for Continue Reading

Flying Kohlrabi | Mistranslation Monday

While in the U.S. last month, the German boyfriend saw his very first hummingbird! Hummingbirds only live in the Americas, so this was something he was quite excited about. Since my parents have a hummingbird feeder, we continued to watch a group of hummingbirds fly all over the backyard for our entire two-week stay. As we were watching the hummingbirds from my parent’s patio one morning, I tried to strike up a German conversation with Marco by saying the German word for hummingbird. “Kohlrabi!” I think this is what Marco imagined when I said that. After a confused pause, Marco Continue Reading

USA Haul #2

I came back from my two-week trip from the U.S. on Friday. So, naturally, I have another haul to share! Before I left, I shared my American shopping list, which mentioned some of things I had planned to pick up during my trip. Well, I got all those things and then some. Most importantly, I got clothes. As a graduate student that did her Bachelor’s in the U.S., I do not have very much money. So, I very rarely go shopping for new clothes. I actually cannot remember the last time I bought any new clothing in Germany. Since clothes Continue Reading