I have a summer birthday. This means that throughout my whole life, my birthday celebrations were always filled with warm weather, swimming pools, barbecues, and most importantly, no school.

This continued through college, as summer break for American universities typically lasts from mid-May through August. Now, however, as I am nearing the end of my second semester of graduate school in Germany, this no-school birthday streak is coming to an end.

Courtney's 24th birthday 2014
Me on my birthday last year, when Marco gave me way too many candy and sweets (and I was a lot more tan than I am this year because I wasn’t holed up in front of a computer doing schoolwork everyday).

Classes for the summer semester at German universities ends early to mid-July. At my university, for example, classes end on July 10th this year. Lucky for me, my birthday falls on a Wednesday — a day I don’t actually have any classes. But I do still have classes on Thursday, so it is still going to be my first birthday that I have to spend doing schoolwork. What a bummer.

Add to that the fact that we’ve really only had a handful of days with temperatures over 80 degrees Fahrenheit so far this year, I honestly feel more like it is May than July. It certainly isn’t time for my birthday yet, is it? Wait, what? My birthday is today?!

Where did my summer birthday go?!