Liebhaber | Mistranslation Monday

Liebhaber. What a beautiful word. Or at least I thought it was until an embarrassing situation with the German boyfriend happened recently. Marco and I recently played the computer game Spore together. In the game, you can choose to make your character an aggressive killing machine by killing all other species. You can choose to be a peaceful ruler by simply studying the other species. Or you can choose to be something in the middle. We had already played through the game once, and our character ended up somewhere in the middle. Since it was pretty fun, I wanted to Continue Reading

Hooray for Being Average!

Being “average” is often conveyed as a something negative. However, as a foreign student in a German program with no other foreigners, being “average” is something I strive for. I had a difficult time during the final exam period of my first semester of grad school in Germany. And although my current GPA is (so far) lower than my undergraduate GPA, I am happy. Why? Because my GPA is average. My school’s online platform allows students to see a table of grades from each class. This table shows the number of students that got each of the possible grades. In Continue Reading

Giggles & Jiggles | Mistranslation Monday

On Sunday nights, Marco and I always watch Game of Thrones together. Anyone that watches Game of Thrones knows that the show can leave you in a weird mood once the credits start rolling. I guess the episode a few weeks ago left Marco in a really weird mood, because as he was getting ready for bed later that night, he told me: “I have the jiggles!” I shot him the *what the heck are you talking about* look. “I mean the giggles!” he said in an attempt to correct himself. “You have the jiggles or the giggles?” I ask, Continue Reading

German Dialects vs. American Dialects

Dialects are a controversial topic in Germany. When raising a child, many parents are confronted with the dilemma of whether or not they should raise their child with dialect or raise them speaking Hochdeutsch (standard or “high” German). Although Marco must speak Hochdeutsch daily (both at work and home), he is still a big proponent of keeping dialects alive. And I have to say that I am too. So, one weekend, Marco and I decided to test our German dialects by taking an online German dialect quiz from the German news outlet Spiegel. Here are our results: Marco Marco comes Continue Reading