My American friends probably don’t feel like reading more about me gushing on about how German public healthcare is awesome. But as someone living with a chronic illness and has experienced the inefficient American healthcare system firsthand, I just can’t help it!

Last week, I got this very exciting letter in the mail from my German health insurance provider:

My German public healthcare is going to cover all the costs for my new insulin pump, which is worth over 3,000 Euro! Well, I do have to pay 10 Euro, but I can live with that. Especially since my current insulin pump (which my parents paid $1,000 for) looks like this:

Animas Ping insulin pump

It used to be completely green, but it started peeling about a year ago. Now people often ask me if it’s camouflage. Doesn’t that look like something you would trust to keep you alive and healthy?

Since my pump is 5 years old, it is also no longer under warranty (warranty on insulin pumps lasts 4 years). And since I would be completely screwed if it stopped working, my healthcare provider did agree to cover the costs of a new one!

Now I am just waiting on a delivery and a call from my doctor. Thanks again to the amazing German public healthcare system, which generously provides the same coverage to foreign students as it does German citizens.