How Much Does it Cost to Fly between the USA and Germany?

I have flown between Germany and the U.S. a total of 4 times in the past 4 years. With my upcoming trip to the U.S. in September, this number will soon be 5. Every time I have made this transatlantic flight, I have done it with a different airline and had a connection through a different airport. And since the German boyfriend and I were able to snag such a great deal for our upcoming trip (with yet another airline), it got me thinking about what I have paid to fly between the U.S. and Germany in the past. So, Continue Reading

Yo, Digga! | Mistranslation Monday

Today’s mistranslation comes from a few years back, but I have been weary of writing it due to its not-so-appropriate content. But since I am still reminded of this one years later, I feel like I just have to share. There are some particular slang words that people up here in Northern Germany use — words that are not taught in the classroom. One of these I encountered at a bar one night, when I heard a group of friends repeatedly calling each other Digga. I think you can all guess what word came to my mind when I heard Continue Reading

We’re Going Back!

After moving to Germany in 2013, I was not able to visit the U.S. again until over 1.5 years later. So, when I came back from visiting my parents over Christmas, I never imagined that we would be going back less than one year later! But we are! Last week, Marco and I booked plane tickets to go to the Chicago for 2 weeks in September! We made the decision to do this during Easter break. I suggested it as we were talking through the possibility of going on a summer vacation. Since I am currently in the middle of Continue Reading

You’re Welcome | Mistranslation Monday

Although I had studied German for about 4 years, I wasn’t very good at the language before studying abroad here in 2011. So when I first arrived, I was so terrified to speak the language with actual Germans that I put off doing things that required any level of social interaction with non-Americans for as long as possible. That included grocery shopping. After living off of the cookies and apples given out at orientation meetings for nearly a week, I finally caved and walked to the local grocery store near my apartment. Luckily, picking out the items and getting to Continue Reading

Thanks, German Public Healthcare!

My American friends probably don’t feel like reading more about me gushing on about how German public healthcare is awesome. But as someone living with a chronic illness and has experienced the inefficient American healthcare system firsthand, I just can’t help it! Last week, I got this very exciting letter in the mail from my German health insurance provider: My German public healthcare is going to cover all the costs for my new insulin pump, which is worth over 3,000 Euro! Well, I do have to pay 10 Euro, but I can live with that. Especially since my current insulin Continue Reading

How to Recreate “Kraft Macaroni & Cheese” in Germany

If you grew up in America, then chances are that you grew up loving Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Even after living in Germany for nearly 2 years now, I still miss the contents of that little blue box. So, I have been slaving away in my test kitchen over these past few years trying to figure out a way to recreate the secret Kraft recipe here in Germany. Before someone says it in the comments, let me first address two things: 1. Yes, you can find off-brand macaroni and cheese in Germany.  My answer to that? Very few grocery stores Continue Reading