If you read my very melodramatic post about feeling like a failure, then you already know that I have not had the best of luck with final exams this semester, or should I say final exam.

I only had 2 final exams to take this semester. One of them went great, and I passed it without a problem. The other one, however, is what I will call the final exam from hell. It has not gotten this name because it is a difficult exam, but rather just because of my horrible luck in trying to take it.

It all started when I thought the time of the exam was 2 hours later than it actually was. So, when I showed up to the lecture hall to take it, all of my classmates were standing outside, talking about how they thought they did.

Commence panic and crying.

After a good cry on the German boyfriend’s shoulder, I came to my senses and realized thanked the German gods of bureaucracy that every student gets 3 tries to take a final exam. The re-take for this exam was scheduled to be held 6 weeks later. So, I sat and waited (well, in the meantime I did write 4 term papers and take the other final exam).

Unfortunately, nobody mentioned to me that I would have to register for the second exam. More importantly, I had exactly 7 days to register, a time period which ended exactly one week before the re-take exam was held. So, by the time I decided to start studying for the exam again, 6 days before it would be held, I realized one day too late that I was not registered.

Commence panic and more crying.

Looking up the rules online, I immediately saw that “late registration is now allowed.” I ran to the information desk at the university that afternoon, and in typical German bureaucratic fashion, I got passed around from person to person until I finally received the name of someone who only works three days per week from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. So, I sent her an email, begging to be able to take the damn test.

The next day, I received a reply in which she gave me yet another name. So, when emailing him, I sent my professor an email as well. Luckily, both men got back to me that afternoon and said that they “understand my irritation with the situation,” and that I can, in fact, take the exam.

Commence a different kind of panic.

By the time I got official word that I could take the exam, there were only 4 days left to exam day. So, I studied my butt off for 4 days and made sure to show up on exam day 30 minutes early. In typical German style, there were already people there before me.

Anyways, on February 17th at 12:15 p.m. GMT+1, I finally laid pen to paper and took the final exam from hell. I actually took it! Now, let’s just hope I pass it, or I will have to use my third and final attempt to take the damn test again, and I don’t know if my heart could take it.