First of all, let me start off by saying: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays: family and friends come together in one place, there is no pressure to give people presents, and, most importantly, it is full of delicious food.

Happy Thanksgiving from Welcome to Germerica
As Thanksgiving this year was approaching, however, I realized something: I have not spent Thanksgiving at “home” (meaning with my immediate family at my parent’s house) in four years.
My first time being away from home for Thanksgiving was in 2011, when I was studying abroad in Germany during my Bachelor’s. The next year, in 2012, my parents went on a cruise, and I spent Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house. In 2013, I was back in Germany and had dinner with Marco (you can read about that one here). And this year, 2014, I am still here in Germany, a country that certainly does not celebrate one of my absolute favorite holidays.
Although last year was very nice, and Marco and I had a wonderful meal together, I did decide to invite some people over this year to make it feel a little bit more like a proper Thanksgiving. Still, it got me wondering what Thanksgiving really meant to me now that I have spent so many of them away from what I still consider “home.” 
I know many people like to say things like “Thanksgiving means family.” And while I do consider Marco a part of my family at this point, I would not consider spending Thanksgiving with only him as “spending Thanksgiving with family” (sorry, Marco).
So, let’s be honest: Thanksgiving is… where it is. I love Thanksgiving, and I will never stop celebrating it, no matter where I am. There really is not much more to it than that.

Now let’s eat some turkey! Or chicken, which is what we will actually be having. Any poultry will do, really. Heck, I would probably even settle for some ham…

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? If so, how will you be celebrating this year?