Thanksgiving is… Where It Is

First of all, let me start off by saying: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays: family and friends come together in one place, there is no pressure to give people presents, and, most importantly, it is full of delicious food. As Thanksgiving this year was approaching, however, I realized something: I have not spent Thanksgiving at “home” (meaning with my immediate family at my parent’s house) in four years. My first time being away from home for Thanksgiving was in 2011, when I was studying abroad in Germany during my Bachelor’s. The next year, in 2012, Continue Reading

Toilet Paper Culture: Germans Fold, Americans Crumple

I have a question for you: when you go to wipe after using the toilet, do you fold or crumple the toilet paper? I know this is a strange question. Heck, you may have never even thought about it before. However, when watching TV with the German boyfriend recently, a show mentioned that different cultures have different methods for using toilet paper. In particular, they said that Germans fold and Americans crumple. After hearing this, Marco immediately turned to me and asked (with a grimace on his face), “You crumple the toilet paper?!” “Yeah…” I replied, “Wait, you fold it?” Continue Reading

How to Defer Student Loans When Studying Abroad

If, like me, you are an American that made the exciting decision to get your graduate or post-graduate degree overseas, then you are probably worrying about what to do with those pesky student loans back in the U.S. When graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in the U.S., the average student has approximately $30,000 in student loan debt. I can regretfully say that I am this average American undergrad, which is part of the reason why I decided to get my graduate degree in Germany: German universities are free (even for foreigners). And although I was able to immediately land a Continue Reading

Outen the Lights! | Mistranslation Monday

Welcome back to another Mistranslation Monday! I have been feeling quite uninspired when it comes to this blog lately, which is mostly due to the stress of starting my Master’s program in Germany. Currently, I am working on preparing for two presentations this week (hence why I didn’t post anything at all last week). Luckily, one of the presentations is in English, but the other one will be my first presentation in German in Germany in front of a room full of Germans! Wish me luck! Anyways, back to Mistranslation Monday. After a week-long streak of feeling quite uninspired, I Continue Reading