A Day of German Bureaucracy

After finally receiving confirmation that I can pick up my student visa this past Saturday, I knew I would have a full day of dealing with German bureaucracy on Monday. So, I decided to document my morning in photos to give you all a peek behind the curtain of expat life in Germany. 7:30 a.m. My alarm goes off, and I start getting ready. Okay, I may have actually laid in bed until 7:38 and then started getting ready. 9:00 a.m. I leave the apartment to head to the Bürgeramt, where my visa should be waiting for me. Marco kindly offers to drive Continue Reading

Wet Dreams | Mistranslation Monday

Ever since moving to Germany, I love flipping through the weekly ads that come in the mail. Recently, we received a large advertisement from Hornbach, which is a large home improvement store. On the second page of the pamphlet, I saw this: Not thinking before speaking, I said to the German boyfriend, “Feuchttraum?!” Is that the name of this light? That sounds awfully inappropriate!” Confused, Marco came over to look at the ad and replied, “It says Feuchtraum, not Feuchttraum.“ “Oh…” The advertisement is for a moisture-proof light that is meant for use in a room with high humidity. Feuchtraum Continue Reading

Celebrating Oktoberfest in Germany

Since I already visited Munich in July this year, I knew I would not be making it down for Oktoberfest. Luckily, Lüneburg hosts an Oktoberfest of their own each year. After receiving a Dirndl last year from Marco’s father and his girlfriend for Christmas, I was excited to finally have a chance to wear it out for the first time. Unfortunately, Marco does not own any Lederhosen. However, he did wear a checkered collared shirt, which is what men traditionally wear with their Lederhosen. For one weekend each September, Lüneburg holds a proper Bavarian Oktoberfest on the city’s main fair Continue Reading

Netflix is Coming to Germany!

As an American expat living in Germany, I love streaming my favorite American TV shows and movies online. Unlike everyone in US, however, I do not do this via Netflix. That is, until now. Netflix has been talking about entering the German market for quite some time, with news sources discussing how difficult it will be for a new streaming platform to be accepted here. That isn’t going to stop the American company from giving it the old college try, however, as they are set to launch on September 16. As of today, if you go to netflix.de, you simply see a screen Continue Reading

Top 5 European Cities to Visit Next

During my time abroad, I have been very fortunate to see some truly beautiful cities. But at the same time, there are still so many places left to go. For instance, I have only visited 5 of what the Huffington Post listed as the top 50 cities to see in your lifetime. Red=Visited     Blue=Lived     Yellow=Want to Visit By scrolling around this map, you can see all of the places that I have already been are marked in red. Click on any of the pins to see the city name. I was very lucky to have traveled Continue Reading

Stupid Cow | Mistranslation Monday

This particular mistranslation may be one of the very first that occurred between Marco and me. In fact, this it was probably the spark for one of our first arguments as well. Original photo: Heeland Coo by Arran Moffat It occurred early on in our relationship, when my German was quite poor, and Marco was not always able to express himself coherently in English. Although I do not remember exactly what happened, I am positive that I did something stupid like miss a class or drop a sandwich on the ground. Whatever it was, it led to Marco calling me Continue Reading

Student Visa Update

It has been two weeks since I wrote about the confusing process of getting a student visa in Germany. So, I figured I would post a little update about what has happened during this time. My last post left off with me waiting for proof of enrollment in a public health insurance. Luckily, I received this just a few days later, meaning that I was able to head over to the dreaded Foreigner’s Office and apply for my student visa. Unfortunately, he would only give me a visa for one year, which means I will have to come back to Continue Reading

3 Years Ago Today…

It was exactly 3 years ago today that I arrived in Germany for my semester abroad. This trip encompassed many “firsts” for me: first time traveling alone, first transatlantic flight, first time outside of the U.S. So, I was quite nervous to say the least, and I definitely would have never guessed that this semester abroad would have such a huge impact on the rest of my life. This is my journal entry from that fateful day. I wrote it during a 4-hour layover in the Zurich Airport. If you choose to read it, please do not laugh at my Continue Reading